5 Ways for YOU to Manage Your I&D Bill

5 Ways for YOU to Manage Your I&D Bill

There are many ways that you can help ensure a smooth exhibit installation, but what about your final trade show I&D bill?  Here are 5 decisions that YOU make that can affect the outcome of your invoice.

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1: Shipping Your Exhibit Advance Warehouse or Direct to Show Site?
This decision has a significant impact on Straight Time vs. Over Time installation labor rates. Due to freight and delivery variables, Direct to Show shipments often result in unproductive “wait time” charges on your final I&D bill. To help reduce these costs, look for an I & D partner in your trade show city that can provide not only I&D, but expertise in working with your freight delivery schedule.

2: Early Labor Scheduling vs. Last Minute Booking:
Savings are more available to early planners. The closer a show date gets, the greater the likelihood that your I & D partner may already be booked or at-capacity on those early move-in days for your show. Veteran I & D technicians create a better experience for your clients – reminding them that their exhibit is in the hands of a professional. Your ability to request and secure an Install Technician(s) that you know and trust increases with early labor scheduling.

3: Selecting Your Labor Partner: Here are some things to ask about during your selection process

Supervision Fees: Some EAC’s charge it, some don’t. These fees can add 30% to your final bill. However, there are times when you can “negotiate” or eliminate this fee.

4-hour Minimums: While this is a standard practice in the trade show industry, there are circumstances where I & D companies can and will show flexibility on this practice.

Cost of Extras: Some EAC’s charge for every consumable “extra”, such as velcro, tape, extension cords, power strips etc. Others do not. Ask about this in advance. 5 Decisions YOU Make That Affect Your Trade Show I&D Bill

4: At-Show Services: Pre-Arranged Order Times or “Will Call” Service?

Electrical & Internet: Definitely pre-arrange. Don’t forget to include your electrical layout with your completed order form, to help ensure electric drops are installed early and correctly.

Rigging: If you plan on having a representative there for move in, we recommend Will Call service for rigging. While this may vary by city, 7 out of 10 times “Will Call” can save you money on wait time charges and/or call back fees. Have your I&D Supervisor place the order at the service desk 1-2 hours prior to being ready for the rigging team.

Forklift / Genie Lifts: Will Call. You might wait a little while for the lift, but you will maximize your usage of this rented equipment and at $180-$250 per hour, you will want to!

Furniture: Pre-arrange delivery for last day of installation, if possible. This will help keep the work space clean and ensures that furniture doesn’t ‘walk-off’ during shows with lengthy move-ins. It also can get you the “early bird” discount on rental pricing of furniture. 5 Decisions YOU Make That Affect Your Trade Show I&D Bill

5: Freight Carrier
Choose a carrier that KNOWS the marshalling yard process! The trade show marshalling yard process can be hectic and sometimes flat-out insane. There are variables that change from venue to venue and city to city. For example, the Orange County Convention Center has 53 docks for unloading freight, but the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas has 2 doors with a 5 truck maximum! It takes an experienced trade show carrier to make sure critical delivery deadlines are met so that additional charges don’t appear on your final bill! It is also important to negotiate and finalize all wait time considerations and hourly rates prior to your shipments departure.

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