Chris Griffin Earns E2MA’s Intrepid Award

Chris Griffin Earns E2MA’s Intrepid Award

The Intrepid Award is awarded during the Red Diamond Congress to the individual, organization or consortium that has made the most significant contribution to customer service in our industry in the past year. The E2MA Intrepid, formerly the EACA Intrepid Award, recognizes the quality of character combining courage and staying power. In business, and specifically in the trade show business, grace and fortitude under pressure is the capacity to focus attention on the needs of the customer at all times; particularly when the pressure hits.

“Chris Griffin is President/CEO of TS Crew in Orlando, FL. Long recognized as a leader in the Orlando EAC community, Chris has recently elevated his presence nationally by developing highly creative and informative videos on the basics of I&D servicing.  Utilizing his considerable communication skills and stage presence, Chris has created an I&D training tool that clearly demonstrates the intricacies and challenges of I&D servicing as much more than labor. As Chris says, it’s much better described as Project Management. For all his efforts to promote the value of professional I&D servicing, and creating a training tool for exhibitors everywhere, Chris Griffin is a outstanding nominee for the 2015 Intrepid Award.”

We’d lilke to congratulate all of the Nominees for the 2015 E2MA Intrepid Award:

  • Tony Yuretich, Nth Degree
  • Bob Hughes, The Hughes Group
  • Dave Brown, Optima Graphics
  • Jack Savage, UPS Freight

The E2MA is a community of exhibit and event marketers that are driven to benchmark the business value of face-to face marketing events and explore new tools, new technologies, and new techniques that can optimize face-to-face marketing. By facilitating discussions among all industry stakeholders about those issues that tend to minimize event outcomes, the E2MA’s Red Diamond Congress is dedicated to develop actionable ideas and solutions that can provide for industry growth and success.

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