Best of Atlanta – Restaurants, Bars and Attractions

Best of Atlanta – Restaurants, Bars and Attractions

As a busy trade show city that is home to the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, you will probably pass through the ATL soon enough. During your spare time between meetings or an unfortunately long layover, take some time to explore our Atlanta team’s favorite restaurants, bars and attractions.

Early Birds

Bread & Butterfly

Price Range: $$

Bread & Butterfly has brought the feeling of a classic European style café to the streets of Atlanta. Their decadent brunch will get your attention, but their bistro-style dining and intimate bar will keep you coming back. A must for anyone looking to steal a few minutes of peace!

Brash Coffee

Price Range: $$

From the farm to your cup, Brash has it all covered. With an emphasis on creating the best cup of coffee possible, the creators of Brash roast the raw green coffee seed in house to create a distinct flavor that can only be found in their shop. So, head on down to Brash for a coffee like no other and marvel their sleek, modern atmosphere.

Quick Bites

Home Grown

Price Range: $

In every city, there is a restaurant that defines the people and their tastes- Home Grown is that place for Atlanta. This restaurant has hosted President Bill Clinton, was voted the best in everything from their biscuits to their burgers and is the local’s go to for great southern cooking. Perfect for every meal, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even second dinner, if you’re up for it!

Café Sunflower

Price Range: $$

After their two decades of pioneering an entirely plant-based menu, this is vegetarian like you’ve never experienced before. Their menu is over flowing with delicate, delicious vegetarian options that even the most ardent carnivore will embrace with open arms. Our favorites are their Roasted Portabella Mushroom Melt and Sunflower Burger!

The General Muir

Price Range: $

For those looking for a delectable bowl of Matzo Ball Soup, robust Reuben or a killer vegetarian menu, swing by the General Muir. The perfect place for intimate lunch meetings or if you just have a hankering for pastrami.

Wine and Dine

The Gun Show

Price Range: $$$

The Gun Show has created one of the most unique dining experience you will have during your trip to Atlanta. With roving Chinese dim sum carts, a kitchen that is amid the dining area and sprawling cafeteria style seating, you’ll never want to leave. Dive into their Pan Roasted Diver Scallop dish or the Vietnamese style popcorn shrimp, but save room for when the dim sum cart rolls by!


Price Range: $$$

If you’re looking to splurge during your stay in Atlanta, be sure to do so on one of the most memorable dining experiences of your life. Voted 2016’s “No. 1 Best New Restaurant in the Country” by Bon Appetit magazine, you will need to make reservations in advanced! Their menu changes daily based on the ingredients available and seasonal changes, allowing for a unique dining experience every time.

Bar Crawl

Ticonderoga Club

Price Range: $$

Gorgeous atmosphere, quality cuisine and darling drinks; what’s not to love? Ticonderoga serves up a creative seafood based menu in a colonial style atmosphere that stole our hearts. Great for anyone looking to celebrate!

Kimball House

Price Range: $$$

Stroll into Kimball House to experience that southern hospitality that Georgia is known for. The inviting atmosphere is reminiscent of a classic tavern and the drinks are like nothing you’ve had before. Their menu changes frequently to accommodate the locally sourced ingredients, however we fell in love with their Afternoon Delight cocktail and extensive oyster selection!

To do

Little Five Points

Quirky and charming, Little Five Points is the perfect afternoon outing. This little neighborhood on the East side of Atlanta are host to a collection of alternative shops, restaurants and pubs. Our favorite place for funky gifts and trinkets is the Junkman’s Daughter, you have never seen a building like this before!

Want to see where all these places are located? Check out our interactive map of our local’s favorites to better plan your next Atlanta visit!

Now you are ready to explore the ATL like never before! Thank you again to our TS Crew Atlanta team for their insight on their home turf.

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