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The local union claims jurisdiction over all set-up and dismantle of exhibits including signs and carpet installation. This doesn’t apply to the unpacking and placement of exhibitor merchandise. Exhibitors may set up their exhibit display if one person can accomplish the task in less than half an hour and without the use of tools. If exhibit preparation and installation takes longer than half an hour, union personnel, supplied by the show’s official service contractor, must be used.

Freight Handling

Teamster Local 85 has exclusive jurisdiction over all freight brought or delivered to the show floor. The general contractor controls dock access, and may station a teamster at any entrance to enforce this regulation. Hotel personnel may deliver items to the edge of the show floor, but then must give all items to an exhibitor or a teamster for transport to the exhibit space. Teamster material handling equipment includes dollies, hand-trucks, pallet-jacks, forklifts, and genie lifts. Genie lifts, consequentially, may not be cost-effective here. One exhibitor may hand-carry his or her own materials into an exhibit facility only if such is small enough to be handled on one trip and without the use of wheels.


Members of the IBEW claim jurisdiction for hard wiring ordered outlets to the line side of the exhibitors’ equipment and wiring of caps over 120 volts to the raw cord feeding exhibitors’ equipment. All plugs over 120 volts will be plugged in by electrical union personnel. Exhibitors may plug in their own plugs of 120 volts to their ordered outlets.

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