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Georgia is a “right-to-work” state. Exhibitors have the option of utilizing 1) the official service contractor, who provides labor through the Stagehands Union; 2) qualified display houses; or 3) internal staff to install and dismantle displays. Note that all rigging and sign hanging must be performed by the Official Service Contractor.

Freight Handling

All incoming and outgoing material and equipment that goes through the site docks to its designated space must be performed by the official service contractor who has jurisdiction to deliver this service at the convention site.

Personally Owned Vehicles (POV’s) such as cars, pick-up trucks and minivans that are utilized for the unloading/loading of exhibit materials will be monitored by official show personnel. All box trucks, straight trucks, personal trucks over one ton, trailers and bobtails not classified as a POV will be directed to the marshalling yard area for the show’s official freight handling services.


Electrical and plumbing is handled in-house at the Georgia World Congress Center. Most power comes from the floor at the GWCC, but ceiling drops can be ordered, mainly for high power situations. Electricians must plug cords into boxes, but the labor contractor or the exhibitor may run them thereafter, including lights, AV, power strips, etc. 12 gauge cords are required, either flat or round.

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