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Arizona is a “right to work state” however, union labor is required for certain facets of exhibit handling. Members of the Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees have jurisdiction over all set up and dismantling of exhibits, furniture installation, pipe and drape, hanging of signs and laying of floor coverings. Exhibitors have the option of using full-time company personnel to assist in certain aspects of display erection, but it varies from show-to-show.

Freight Handling

The unloading and delivery of all display related materials and equipment from the convention site docks to exhibitor booths must be performed by the Official Service Contractor. Exhibitors may “hand carry” items into the convention site, but cannot use material handling equipment to assist them.


Electrical labor must be ordered for all under-carpet distribution of electrical wiring. Electricians are required for all motor and equipment hook-ups that require hard wiring connections and all installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures require electricians. All outlets over 20 amps and/or with a voltage over 150 volts require electrical labor.

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